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OUR DIFFERENCE: Our clients talk directly to attorneys, not to paralegals or secretaries. Whether in person or on the telephone, our attorneys make themselves available for discussions on their cases. Our attorneys do not give excuses for their duty owed to our clients. Our lawyers are never too busy to be available for clients’ conversations on their cases.

While our office opens weekdays, we study and review their cases day and night weekdays and weekends whenever or wherever we get insights into their case. In our sleep, in the shower, or in our lazy hours, the clients’ cases continue to percolate and unravel significant elements to their cases. These situations sometimes magnify insignificant items that translate to the cases’ success.

Clients have come to our office complaining on the lack of communication with their previous counsel who they could speak or see only at the commencement of the case and when bills were to be collected. Most often, clients complain of enlarged fees without corresponding services or results. At our office, most often, our services exceed the fees paid and collected. We would rather over deliver than over bill. We over perform above and beyond our promises! 

We respect our clients by providing candidness on the strength and weaknesses of their cases; conciseness of their expectations and their duties as litigants. We never compromise our clients’ interests to our own; do not yield to the posturing of our adversaries or succumb to the bounty of their financial arsenals. We maintain the humility to the success in our legal strides.

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