You can be free from the self-imprisonment of debts. It’s your choice to start fresh. Fear no creditors; bankruptcy is your right guaranteed by Federal Law. Millions have been and will be in bankruptcy. You’re not the first and the last! With bankruptcy’s automatic stay, you become “untouchable” to creditors. Your headaches become the creditors’. Why deny yourself your right to financial relief? Delay will only benefit your creditors and your doctors!
A competent bankruptcy attorney is all you need for a fresh start free of all your worries, anxieties, and fears of mounting debts locking you in your financial past.


Inactive bankruptcy, the automatic stay prevents the creditors from:
1.) Foreclosing on your home
(to foreclose, the lender will have to file relief under certain conditions)
2.) Contacting you for payments;
3.) Harassing you for non-payments
4.) Garnishing your wages;
5.) Repossessing your car;
6.) Bringing you to court for unpaid debts;
7.) Continuing pending lawsuits against you; and
8.) Pursuing judgment against you.

Federal law created bankruptcy. Millions, in the past, present and future, will seek bankruptcy reliefs. You’re not the first and the last. Bankruptcy is not to punish you but to give you a new beginning without the never-ending debts. Instead, Bankruptcy gives you a new life without the burden of past debts and allows you:

1.) To pay rent or mortgage; and incur your day-to-day expenses for food, clothes, transportation, etc.
2.) To maintain your bank accounts;
3.) To keep your home (under certain conditions).
4.) To keep by exemption your savings or property valued up to $25,000.00;
5.) To keep your retirement or pension plan regardless of value;
6.) To keep your car if you continue to make car payments;
7.) To terminate burdensome business contracts or leases;
8.) To keep your household furniture and furnishings (TV, washer & drier, bedroom and living room sets, etc.
9.) To keep your jewelry (to certain values)

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